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Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of toothbrush machinery equipment. The company has a large number of technicians who have been engaged in the research, development, design and production management of toothbrush machinery for a long time. The products include automatic toothbrush plastic labeling packaging machine and CNC intelligent high speed planting machine, automatic high frequency welding machine, automatic flat grinding machine, pneumatic cutting machine, cutting handle machine, precision tableting machine, daily travel equipment and so on.


Chuangyan Machinery


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We have Marketing Department, Design Department, Production Department,
Training Department and Material Equipment Supporting Center, R & D Center and Planning Center.
We have the strength to develop toothbrush machinery design and production equipment.

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Chuangyan Advantage


    Technical Strength
    We has an experienced team, advanced professional equipment
    precision manufacturing technology and integration of global quality accessories
    Creativity Team
    People-oriented, encourage employees to integrate responsibility and innovative thinking into
    work, help each other, and share the joy of work
    Business Philosophy
    By adhering to the business philosophy of “innovation”, “service” and “quality”, create value for the customer,
    for the society, and realize the sustainable management of the enterprise

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