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Technical advantages of blister labeling packaging machine
2023-04-03Views: 182

At present, the specifications, models, and quality grades of the blister labeling packaging machines available on the market vary. When purchasing, users should choose the specifications and quality grades of the machine in combination with current and long-term interests.
The purchase of a toothbrush blister labeling packaging machine is not a small investment project. It is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and make a comprehensive measurement. Before purchasing, one should understand the traction and transmission structure of the packaging machine provided by the manufacturer, and at the same time make a comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturer's technical strength, compare the quality, price, performance and other aspects of the machine, and choose one that meets the company's needs. , and affordable packaging machine.
The overall structure of the toothbrush blister labeling packaging machine provided by Chuangyan Company, the double-servo gantry chain clip synchronous traction mechanism; the paper card blanking synchronous reverse labeling mechanism; the punching and shearing mechanism; invention and utility model patents. Not only the structure is exquisite, the transmission positioning is precise, the packaging precision is high, but also the energy saving and consumption reduction. Compared with similar toothbrush blister packaging machines on the market, it greatly saves the waste of materials and scraps, and at the same time has obvious advantages in work efficiency, ease of use, and degree of automation.

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