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Pneumatic Filament Cutting Machine--Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co.,Ltd
2023-04-19Views: 175

Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yiying Industrial Park, Xiashan Town, Chaonan District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of toothbrush machinery and equipment integrating research, production and sales. The company covers an area of 8520 square meters and a building area of 32820 square meters. Since its establishment in 1988, it has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "sincerity, innovation, research, and refinement", making contributions to society, creating value, and realizing the sustainable operation of the enterprise.
Guangdong Chuangyan has an advanced technology research and development center, first-class production equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad. The patented products independently developed include: automatic blister labeling toothbrush packaging machine, integrated machine for planting and brushing, intelligent high-speed hair planting machine, automatic repairing and grinding machine, intelligent manipulator, bronzing machine, hair cutting machine, toothbrush production line, manual electric toothbrush and Mechanical equipment for daily brushes.
Among them, the pneumatic shearing machine adopts the shearing knife made of imported steel, which is more durable and stable, and makes the brush wire not stick to the hair, and does not need to be sharpened for a long time. Using AirTAC cylinder, the life of the equipment is increased by more than 150% compared with the previous generation, and it is more durable and wear-resistant. Easy to operate, high efficiency, high quality and high stability. The equipment is composed of mechanical structures such as frame, material rack, knife seat, and limit seat. Place the brush wire in the material rack, feed it to the limited position, and cut out the required length of brush wire. Suitable for all kinds of brush filaments. Items such as: toothbrush filaments, cosmetic brush filaments, industrial brush filaments and other brush filaments. 

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