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About Electric Toothbrush
2023-03-10Views: 270

As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, but it can kill you. There are many reasons for toothache, such as dental disease, improper diet, irregular work and rest, etc. In fact, the best way to prevent toothache is to brush your teeth well. It is difficult to completely achieve the purpose of maintaining oral health by using traditional toothbrushes. In this case, more and more consumers choose to buy electric toothbrushes.
The most critical reason for the rise of the electric toothbrush market is the many advantages of electric toothbrush products. Combining traditional toothbrush with Pasteur brushing method is a method of brushing teeth that has been widely praised by consumers in the past. However, it is difficult for the public to completely follow the pasteurization method, so that the effect of tooth cleaning is greatly reduced. The electric toothbrush has uniform cleaning force, wide contact surface, and limited brushing time. It can not only improve the cleaning efficiency of the teeth, but also reduce the damage of the brush head to the teeth. No wonder it is loved by the public.
The electric toothbrush standard breaks the dilemma of lack of reference standards in the industry and is conducive to the healthy development of the electric toothbrush industry. No matter whether the company uses ultra-high frequency vibration as a gimmick or uses 360-degree rotation without dead angle as a selling point, it is not as good as the quality of the product itself. According to the electric toothbrush standard, many companies that produce low-quality products will automatically withdraw from the market, and the industry will usher in a new look. 

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