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Automatic Flat Grinding Brushing Machine-Two Flat and Six Grinding Type

Introduction: The introduction of advanced technology of German round grinding, high efficiency, high quality, ultra-stable, ultra-speed, quick replacement of products, etc., using CAD computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Model: CX-A6

Size: 2010 x 550 x 1050(mm)

Weight: 750Kg

Product characteristics
The equipment is bowed into the advanced technology of round grinding in Germany. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, super stability, super speed and quick replacement of products. It is designed and manufactured with CAD computer aided design.

Technical parameter
Scope of production: Various special-shaped toothbrushes, such as the more difficult oblique cross-hole toothbrush.
Equipment Specification: Two trimming platforms can be equipped with 1 - 2 different and identical trimming knives, six positive and negative cone swing rotary grinding heads.
Equipment Dimensions: (Long/Wide/High) 2010 mm x 550 mm X 1050 mm
Speed: 1800 units per hour
Power: about 3 kW
Weight: about 750 kg

1. High precision, fully enclosed steel bridge after heat treatment, grinding surface, high hardness, not easy to wear.
2.46 precision fixtures.
3. Good stability.


1. Main Institutions: (Product Conveyor Part)



Principle: Working Principle of Double Axis Eccentric Wheel
1. High-precision fully enclosed steel bridge after heat treatment, grinding surface, high hardness, not easy to wear and tear
2, 54/46 precision fixture advantages: good stability



2. Round grinding settings: (product Roundhead processing part)




Principle: 8-stage forward and backward cone swing rotary
1. Omnidirectional spherical surface treatment and abrasion rate can reach more than 85%.
2. Abrasive disc plating with high quality imported diamond grains, fine material, strong toughness and good wear resistance
3. Fully enclosed vacuum hood, automatic timing jet, centrifugal dust removal and static electricity removal
4, 1.5/4 kW large flow centrifugal suction chamber
Advantages: good brightness of spherical surface, electrostatic cleaning


3. Trimming Device Part



Principle: Using eccentric connecting rod
Characteristics: 1. Using German wool cutting technology
2. Precision Import Linear Bearing Track
3. The wool cutter and the tool holder are connected
4. Precision fine-tuning and leveling of short and long hairs
Advantages: high precision, wear resistance, strong stability


4. High Speed Growing Part



Continuous/Point Variable Frequency Control.
Frequency Conversion Control of Round Head Processing
Grinding 1 2 Frequency Conversion Control
Grinding 3 4 Frequency Conversion Control
Frequency Conversion Control of Grinding 56
Flat hair
Jet time control (0.5s-4.5s)
Digital display count
Five-stage frequency conversion control