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Dental health common sense: mouthwash shoulds not be commonly used
2013-03-14Views: 2317

Have to admit, mouthwash is convenient than brushing your teeth, to use mouthwash can not commonly used, however, cannot abuse, more because it anyway, is a kind of drug, with much may cause of oral diseases, oral cavity clean way must be correctly chosen.
Many people choose to use mouthwash to remove bad breath, oral inflammation part of patients will also choose to use some mouthwash to diminish inflammation. Second clinic doctor stomatological hospital of Peking University, points out that when the mouth is gingival abscess, the acute inflammation such as severe periodontal disease, oral ulcers, can be under the guidance of doctors, drug use gargle, this mouthwash will not be able to buy in the market, the doctor will according to the patient's condition is to guide patients to use. Mouthwash and sells on the market have a certain sterilization, anti-inflammatory effects, the oral cavity of healthy, normal flora, experts with particular emphasis on long-term buy used as antibacterial anti-inflammatory effects on the market within mouthwashes can cause oral cavity instead of normal flora imbalance, therefore is not recommended for long-term use. Balance of oral normal flora and the best way to effectively cleanse the mouth or mechanical removal of plaque compression bag, such as brushing and flossing, brush teeth, etc