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Children to brush your teeth, crowded Huang Douli on the size of the toothpaste
2013-03-14Views: 2386

The naughty children always like to squeeze a heap of toothpaste on the toothbrush. , oral medicine, experts said aoj learn brushing your child should control the dosage of the toothpaste, the size of each time you brush your teeth with Huang Douli quantity is enough. Because children swallowing reflex function is not perfect, it is easy to be swallowed toothpaste, especially should pay attention to when using fluoride toothpaste, lest cause excessive intake of fluoride.
Childhood caries incidence of high-risk period, to prevent dental caries, 3 years of age and older children should choose a fluoride toothpaste, morning and evening brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. But it is important to note that children under the age of 6 should be longer under the supervision and guidance at home using fluoride toothpaste, children's unfavorable use adult high fluoride toothpaste. Because children swallowing reflex function is not perfect, and hands-on ability are relatively weak, when brushing your teeth to avoid ingestion more fluoride toothpaste, leading to the onset of fluorine teeth. So parents want children to don't swallow when brushing your teeth, take a little the position of the bow, let the bubble, the saliva to flow naturally, after the brush with water gargle, spit net mouth of residue.
Jaco remind children, what would be the right way to brush your teeth with brush, don't use horizontal brush method. Because sideways may cause injury of soft tissue around the teeth brushing your teeth, gum mechanical stimulation by horizontal brush method, in particular, there may be damage, with gingival bleeding and pain; And the horizontal brush method is adopted for a long time, still can make gum, root exposure, which in turn can appear the symptom of compression bag sensitive teeth. In addition, horizontal brush method will cause damage to teeth, tooth is one of the most common cervical wedge-shaped defect, light ache when brushing your teeth, eat hot and cold with sweet and sour food allergies, further aggravate, will appear the symptom of dental pulp nerve inflammation, such as the pain at night, don't eat the pain, with the side facial pain and discomfort of occlusion, etc.
The choice of the ways of oral cavity clean is very important, mouthwash useful, but not too dependent on, cannot too common, toothpaste is oral cleaning necessities, but children also cannot too much, the mouth clean to have quantity and way is correct.