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Be careful transverse brushing your teeth "cut off" your teeth!
2013-03-14Views: 2305

Nearly two months, Mr Liang always feel as long as a mouth to breathe in, aching teeth. Under cold water especially day air-cooled, brush your teeth in the morning, the pain is more apparent. Mr Liang to open his mouth in the watch in the mirror, don't know a look startled, he suddenly found that: the pain of a few tooth root was "dug a deep ditch," the foot is 23 mm wide, with your fingers touch feeling very sharp edges.
Mr Liang to go looking for a doctor. Affiliated stomatological hospital of zhongshan university associate professor of tooth pulp division Cai Huaxiong looked after, points out that this is a common tooth cervical wedge-shaped defect, the cause was brushing method is not correct, this was one reason why the elderly out teeth.
"Injured" keywords: transverse brushing your teeth, the elderly, "the corner tooth"
Cai Huaxiong said: "the method is not correct, brushing your teeth can cause the damage of the teeth, the most typical is the tooth neck wedge-shaped defect, Mr Liang is the problem." This kind of defect is composed of two inclined plane intersect a "groove", defect is neat, hard, smooth surface, like a wedge, thus known as "wedge-shaped defect.
The formation of the teeth "scar" with brushing way closely related. Because, the tooth neck of tooth enamel and bone at the junction of the structure of the organization is relatively weak, and the transverse equivalent mechanical friction brushing your teeth, like a see-saw, long-term cause tooth wear. Plus the exudation of acid corrosion in gingival sulcus, creates this kind of like a wedge shaped defect.
In old people more opportunities to form a wedge-shaped defect, because as we age, oral degenerative change, gingival recession lead to tooth neck exposed, "battleground" just this area more friction.
According to the characteristics of the wedge-shaped defect formation, must stress damage, the higher the possibility of big teeth. Cai Huaxiong said, from the point of clinical, good hair bit of premolar teeth, teeth, lateral incisor. The tooth is in the corner of the teeth, in the biggest force was to brush his teeth. And brush your teeth with the right hand, on the right side of the dental wedge-shaped defects than the left, and vice versa.
It also illustrates the brushing technique from a side effect of wedge-shaped defect formation.
"Injured" symptoms: hot and cold sweet and sour, a touch is pain
Once the wedge-shaped defect formation, main show is early tooth allergy, such as when drinking cold water, cool wind teeth feel acid aches, to eat sweet or spicy food tooth pain, etc. When this kind of defect, further into pulp, cause pulpitis cause the teeth to necrosis, can also lead to broken teeth. This is one of the reasons for the elderly of, so we should pay attention to the correct method of brushing your teeth.
Cai Huaxiong reminds, wedge-shaped defect prevention is the most important is to choose the suitable toothbrush, and master the correct method of brushing your teeth. Toothbrush bristles not too hard, the diameter of the brush head with a coin size advisable, cutting-edge best through grinding processing. When brushing your teeth up and down movement of the vertical brush method, absolutely avoid horizontal brush forever.
"Injured" processing method: repair the defect of teeth
If the defect has been formed, it must repair defect teeth as soon as possible, to prevent defects continue to develop. The patch with resin materials, repair time is short, after the repair of appearance and almost can't see the difference between normal teeth. And can immediately to solve the problem of sensitive teeth, pain.