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Dental experts: had better not choose soft toothbrush
2013-03-14Views: 536

Dental experts: choose a toothbrush don't choose soft hairy
Jinan stomatological hospital, vice President of Zhang Yunkui said, at present, people choose toothbrush has an error, think the toothbrush material as soft as possible, so that it is not easy to hurt your gums. Actually otherwise, with a soft toothbrush when brushing your teeth strength is bad master, brush too light, the food particles and bacteria in the mouth is not easy to clean; Force is too large, it will damage your gums, also can shorten the toothbrush service life. Gum injured, mostly because of the toothbrush to use for a long time, become irregular shape, is easy to Pierce your gums. And soft toothbrush is more easy to deformation, so it suggested that had better not choose soft toothbrush.
We have not so delicate gums. In general, choose the brush hardness of medium and small brush head toothbrush is suitable, the toothbrush head to appropriate size: adult is generally not more than 4 column, the child is not more than 3 column bristles; Moderate length: generally cover the 2-3 teeth, facilitate ing when brushing your teeth. In addition, toothbrush hair grinding processing is also very important. Brush after cutting, if not treated with smooth, easy to damage due to too sharp mouth. Best toothbrush every three months change once, otherwise the bristles easily accumulate bacteria, oral health.
Brush teeth down, brush teeth up
As long as you master the correct method of brushing your teeth Can achieve the goal of clean mouth. Commonly used vertical brush method brushing your teeth, brush the teeth inside and outside, tooth brush and long axis parallel to the bristles to gum, pressure, direction along the teeth, brush teeth from above when the brush, brush the tooth brush from down to up. When brush teeth occlusal surface, brush with short transverse method can clean more thoroughly, to add a certain pressure, gives the bristles are advanced in the gaps in the occlusal plane nest ditch, along the horizontal direction of the dental arch. Should also be careful not to miss the end teeth tooth column at the end of the shaft surface, i.e. close to the side of the throat, the toothbrush head to put as far as possible, rotating brush to brush a head to. When cleaning a teeth and gums junction, want to a little with some force, in the same place repeat 5 ~ 6 times up and down.
Selected high quality toothpaste containing fluorine
The basic function of toothpaste is clean your teeth and prevent tooth decay, Zhang Yuanchang said, these two points is to choose the main basis of toothpaste. First of all about clean teeth, should choose according to toothpaste with friction agent. Toothpaste is through friction agent to clean the teeth, so the quality of friction agent is the main basis to distinguish the quality of toothpaste. Different friction agent on the roughness is very different. High-grade silicon friction agent is currently the best friction agent. The national institute of dental laboratory test results show that the rough friction agent to tooth wear is three times more high-grade silicon.
How to discern whether toothpaste friction agent rough? 1. See the appearance of the paste: paste more exquisite and smooth, usually it is a high grade silicon as friction agent, can be at ease use; 2. Taste the taste of brushing your teeth, if feel rough, there are like sand particles stuck in your mouth, need gargle for many times, mostly including toothpaste, rough friction agent advice immediately stop using;
Second, should choose according to moth-proofing function of toothpaste, that is to say, want to choose a fluoride toothpaste.
Don't dip in water slowly squeeze toothpaste on the brush
Zhang Yuanchang very meticulous, points out that most people when brushing your teeth, habitually put wet toothbrush dipped in toothpaste again. Reporters usually brush your teeth. In fact, if a toothbrush is wet, after squeezing toothpaste, it is easy to foaming, the mouth have too much foam, people will feel have brushed your teeth for a long time, can think over. And then, brush teeth has yet to be clean, so not true.
Toothpaste was not use bubble to clean teeth, but on the inside of the cleaning agents and toothbrush and friction of teeth. Friction the more subtle, the longer, the brush clean.