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Toothbrush Manufacturing Equipment Factory--Chuangyan
2022-12-07Views: 244

Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of toothbrush machinery and equipment integrating research, production and sales. We have a team of technicians who have been engaged in the toothbrush industry for more than 30 years. They have rich teaching experience and a large number of video teaching. Customers can come to the workshop to learn the operation experience or remote teaching. Our equipment is not only sold all over the country, but also sold to many countries and regions overseas.
Now not only has the marketing department, design department, production department, training department equipment and material center, but also established the R&D center and central planning necessary for a modern enterprise, developed the toothbrush design and production machinery and equipment capabilities, and has become a high-tech production equipment and service enterprise. The patented products independently developed include: automatic blister labeling toothbrush packaging machine, tufting and trimming machine 2 in 1, intelligent high-speed tufting machine, automatic trimming machine, intelligent manipulator, stamping machine, cutting machine, toothbrush production line, manual electric toothbrush and Mechanical equipment for daily brushes.
A seemingly simple toothbrush requires a lot of equipment and processes to produce. First, pour the plastic raw material into the barrel of the injection molding machine, heat it at a high temperature to soften it, and then use a push rod or a rotating screw to continuously extrude from the die (the shape of the die is the cross-sectional shape of the desired product), after cooling It is the required semi-finished product; the bristles are implanted into the toothbrush head through the tufting machine; the bristles are sharp after cutting, and if they are not smoothed, they are easy to cause damage, so the bristle tip needs to be rounded after the hair-planting to prevent it from being damaged during use. Harm the oral cavity and teeth; due to the high frequency of use, the strength and elasticity of the bristles are very high. After product testing, ultrasonic welding machines or heat sealing machines are generally used to seal the plastic packaging of toothbrushes to prevent bacteria from invading.