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Chuangyan Automatic Blister Labeling Toothbrush Packaging Machine
2022-06-27Views: 87

 Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces a series of toothbrush production machines, including tufting machines, trimming machines, stamping machines, packaging machines and so on. On the basis of the toothbrush packaging machines in South Korea and Germany, combination with market demand, the technicians have developed a new type of automatic blister labeling packaging machine.

The packiaging machine adopts full-servo double-cam interlocking spindle, double-stage servo chain clip film pulling mechanism and tight servo labeling, which has the advantages of high efficiency, strong stability, low mold cost, easy replacement, low wear, and low noise, it is suitable for environmental protection workshops. After a series of actions such as blistering, film pulling, heat forming, cutting , labeling, trimming and discharging, putting cardboard , the packaging is finished. This equipment is suitable for packaging daily necessities, stationery, hardware, cosmetics, medicines and other blister packaging.

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