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Fully automated toothbrush production line
2022-06-15Views: 72

Guangdong Chuangyan Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a fully automatic toothbrush production line and has obtained a number of national patents. Originally, the toothbrushes were placed one by one by hand. Later, the company invented a "robot" that could automatically recognize actions such as U-turn, flip, etc. The injection molding machine is equipped with a "handle cutter", instead of manually cutting the connected toothbrush handles. The worker only needs to pour the raw material into the injection molding machine, then toothbrush will be automatically produced. The injection molding, Bristle Tufting, printing and other aspects of toothbrush production have been automated, allowing the toothbrush to be accurately fixed on the processing station, replacing manual operations, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality, and greatly reducing labor intensity.